Take Amazing Selfies with #SelfieMaster

Disclaimer: I received a product to review all opinions are my own.

I have mentioned many times using my monopod. It is great for holding my camera steady while filming and walking. It doesn't solve another problem I have. I sometimes need to film myself in front of something. That can be in front of a historical location, a tree structure, or even in front of some of the team members.

When I'm filming, sometimes it is for a podcast, and other times it is for evidence. During these times, I need a good shot of me and what I'm standing in front of. I also love taking group photos, but we want the whole team in there, not the photographer left out. That's where the SelfieMaster comes in.

It extends up to 1005mm. It has anti-rotation on the rod itself so that the weight of the phone (or camera) will not let it slip while filming. Yes, the phone adapter screws onto a tripod end, so you can use a camera with it as well. I think one of the coolest things about the SelfieMaster is that it is Bluetooth enabled. Just pair it with your device after charging and you are good to go. Just press the shutter button on hte handle to take your photo.

Another benefit to the #selfiemaster is the phone holder itself. It holds larger phones (even my LG L90 and the new iPhones.). There is a rubber grip that keeps it in place without scratching your phone. Another thing I really like about it is that it holds the phone much more securely than other phone adapters for tripods and monopods.

I think I will actually start doing video diaries with investigations and expeditions, now that I have this awesome gadget.

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