Mr Everything: A Techie's Dream Come True

I always love hearing about new gadgets and such. Especially those that will make my experience with the gadgets I already have even better. When that new gadget happens to be on Kickstarter, I get even more excited because they are always so interesting. When I got the email about Mr. Everything, I knew I had to let you know about it.

This device doesn't just look awesome, it really is awesome! It is basically, an emergency power source, tablet stand, waterproof box, speaker and light all in one. Don't worry, that is just a little of what it actually does. 

Mr Everything's Features Include

  • Jump-start your car
  • Has a weatherproof utility box that can store cables, house devices, organize calbes, store emergency supplies, or even be used as a first aid kit. 
  • Bluetooth speakers that can also be used with an auxiliary cable. 
  • Qi wireless charging
  • waterproof
  • built-in carrying handle
  • Power bank that can be used with USB cables or AC plug
  • Universal AC plug in
  • The power bank has enough juice to power cell phones, tablets, laptop, other devices, and even your car
  • LED lights can be used as a flashlight, lamp, and more. 
  • The LED lights are color-changing
  • Built to withstand disasters
  • 4 USB ports
We all know that I need this in my arsenal. I would be set when I'm investigating that haunted house with no power or bigfoot hunting out in the middle of nowhere. I'd be good to go, no matter what is thrown my way. I'm sure all of you could think of a few uses for one as well. 

How do we make this come to fruition? Why we head on over to Kickstarter and get to backing it. Pledge packages start at $1 and go all the way up. The perks are amazing too, even with getting a Mr. Everything +  in exchange. Let's all head to Kickstarter now and get this project funded! 

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