Mom's Car Bag AKA Mom's Survival Kit #SummerPrep2015

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading. However, All opinions are my own.

If the kids and I are going to be out longer than to just go to the grocery store, or if we have appointments, there is one thing I always keep with me. My car bag is the ultimate mom survival kit.

I first started putting this together when Kodabug had a very important doctor's appointment and I had to leave Tbomb in the waiting room with my parents. I didn't need them to have to argue to get him to behave. I just needed him to have what he needed and be entertained. That's when the mom car bag came along, although it's more like a Mom Survival Bag.

It used to look like this, but thanks to Oriental Trading, it has gotten an upgrade.

I used this bag and it was perfect because it opened up so widely. Sadly, the straps wore out, so until I fix it, I have moved on. I mention this because one of the most important things is choosing a bag that works for me. I'm currently using a quilted bag that was a diaper bag, You can use a purse, diaper bag, tote, or even a duffle. Just make sure it is sturdy, easy for you to access, organized to your liking, and large enough to fit everything. Believe me, you'll need the room.

Once you find your bag, you are going to decide what to put in it. There are several things that you should consider when choosing what to put in it. When will you mainly be using it? How old are your kids? what keeps them entertained? That's what I'm going to help you with now.

There are several things that you have on hand that you'll need to put in this bag. While everyone's list varies, here are the things on my list:
  • Diapers and Wipes (Just wipes if your kids are potty trained)
  • Favorite toys
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • My new "Mom's Car Bag"
  • Something for mom (magazine, book, etc.)- Don't forget your hair ties
  • Extra Clothes
You should pack your bag for when you will be using it the most- appointments, long days of errands, park trips, etc. Then, you should be able to modify for other occasions like road trips. The point of this bag is to keep the whole family happy, healthy, entertained and organized for anything. Thanks to Oriental Trading, this is easier than ever. 

Once you complete this project, you will be ecstatic. You will be ready to face anything the world throws at you with the kids in tow. You will also be able to send the bag to the babysitter's grandparents, or anywhere else and be confident that they have what they need. My kids have backpacks they take everywhere, but this is my survival kit.

This survival kit will lower your stress, keep you organized and the kids entertained. Can we even ask for more? 

Here's what you need to make your survival kit successful. 

Each of these groups have a separate zipper pouch with a clear front, so I can easily see what is inside of them. the quiet play group, each kid has a separate pouch that is color coded. (Koda's is pink and Tbomb's is blue). this keeps us organized and I can quickly grab what I need. The other groups are color coded as well. 

Quiet Play 

Oriental Trading has many activities that will keep your kids entertained in a quiet setting. This may be in the car, waiting for an appointment, or even at a family function where there is nowhere for the kids to run off all that excess energy. Here are my favorites: 

Magna Doodles
Electronics (w/ headphones)

Outside Play

The kids get antsy in the car or having to be quiet while we wait for apppointments. I know it is so hard for them, so I make sure we outside time. 

If we are in the car, we stop to let them stretch their legs and play. If we've had a long day of appointments or errands, I make sure we have a picnic at the park so they can play. It rewards them and keeps them from getting wild in the car before we get home. 

I keep a pouch that has these "outside play" items in it. I also keep a zip bag in this pouch in case the items get sticky or wet. These items include:

Bubbles (small bottles that seal good)
Parachute men
Blow Up Balls (a beach ball will work)
Plastic Cars and Trucks


I keep a bag of rewards in this survival kit as well. While I expect my children to behave, and they do not get rewarded "for doing what they should do," there are times that rewards are called for. 

When Tbomb has shared a toy with another kid at the doctor or helped Koda in a special way, he deserves a reward. When They have had an especially long day and they have behaved well, they get rewarded. 

I have changed to a different pouch, but this one has an assortment of items to surprise them with. Some ideas for small rewards are: 

Multi-Packs of toys (can be broken up)
Glow Sticks
Bubble Gum Machine Toys
Licensed Items (There is a Frozen brush set in there for Koda that I give her a piece at a time)


  1. Get packs of party favors that are a mix. Oriental Trading has one that is assorted camo items. I took that pack and put some with the "outside activities" and some as rewards. 
  2. Keep in mind what your kids get excited about. If its camo or Spiderman, Tbomb is fascinated. If it is Frozen, Sofia, or Minnie Mouse, Koda loves it. 
  3. Find items that will get your kids to concentrate. Even better if it reinforces something they are learning, or helps them with motor skills. 
  4. Throw in extras. you never know when there will be a kid in a waiting room that would benefit from that extra lacing card or coloring book. those army men in the rewards bag could also help two little boys play quietly together. 
  5. Look for healthy snack options that are limited in sugar. You have to look hard, but there are many options out there. 
  6. Having a party? Get items that fit in these categories as party favors- you can use the extras and moms everywhere will be ecstatic about these ideas. 
  7. Label everything- I cannot stress this enough. Not only will it help color code between multiple kids, but will also help keep track of everything. 
  8. Color code your kids. Koda is pink, Tbomb is green. Other than that, Koda is purple and Tbomb is blue. 
I hope you enjoyed this look into Mom's Car bag. It will be getting an overhaul when Koda gets a bit bigger, so I'd love to hear your tips for a car bag! 

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