Keeping My Gear Dry

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I always worry about my gear (much of it high tech) when we are out on expeditions or when it is sitting at command central. I'm always worried something will get spilled on it or if it will start raining. Then, when we camp, I worry that the humidity will be too much and cause my equipment to malfunction. Thanks to Skorch, I no longer have to worry about that.

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This amazing backpack from Skorch is all I could ever ask for. For one, it truly is waterproof. I could drop it off a kayak, and my equipment would be safe. While I have an expedition pack I carry, I can roll this up and put it inside, then if we are walking through the swamp or think it might rain, I just pull it out and put my whole pack inside. If we have a command central set up, I can put what I'm not currently using in it and not have to worry about something being spilled or a freak rain shower coming up.

This backpack is sturdy, made of quality materials, yet lightweight. The straps are comfortable, and there isn't too much fuss when using it. This backpack goes with me everywhere! I even take it by the pool to keep everything dry. I even take it to the river now, even though we don't swim there- I have found that some people are inconsiderate and will splash other people- I learned the hard way to take this bag along when my camera got drenched by a teenager fishing near us.

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