Household Needs: Pup Pee Pads

Disclaimer: I received a sample to review. All opinions are my own.

All households have certain paper products we go through a lot of. Our house is no different, although the particular item may be different. Believe it or not, we fly through puppy pads. We've had several litters of pups over the past few years and that is just one of the reasons we go through puppy pads a lot. We leave them out when we are gone and if one is sick, we put a pad down at night. We also use them in crates for the dogs.

There has been another hitch in the plan as well. My pup that my husband and in-laws gave me for Easter is the prettiest brown brindle Boston Terrier ever. Bless her heart, though, she has something wrong with her bladder and sometimes has accidents at night. She doesn't know she has to go, so she'll do it while she sleeps. I don't have the heart to not let her sleep with me though, so she always has a puppy pad on the bed to sleep on. This works really well.

As you can guess, we go through A LOT of puppy pads. They can add up too. A few times, we have tried to save money and buy cheap ones. This doesn't' work. We end up going through more of them and spending more money in the long run.

I had the chance to try out PupPeePads, and fell in love. These are by far the most amazing puppy pads we've used. These are amazing and tough! Even better, they are only $24.99 for a package of 100.

Puppee Pad 100 Pack Blue Regular

These pads are 21"x21" and have features that will blow you away. They are breathable and super absorbent. The top layer is soft, so that it preserves skin integrity. (Perfect for my pup and for a person that may need a pad on their bed). The bottom layer is strong enough to reposition a person or pup on it, without tearing.

Have you ever had this problem Your dog does what he/she should and goes on the pad, but then manages to track the wetness throughout the house, so you still end up mopping? This will not happen with PupPeePad. The majority of the liquild will be absored and distributed thoughout the pad. Even better, after 7 minutes the pad should be just about dry to the touch.

Their pup pads are made from the same materieals as the bed pads, which we love. These are great for using with a child who is potty training, or that hasn't quite gotten the hang of staying dry all night. Our four year old falls into this category and they work perfectly. We also use them on the couch when the kids are watching movies. Perfect for in case of an accident, or even a spill. These bed pads can be found at DeluxDry.

Check out this video with even more fetures of these amazing pads! I'm sure you will never buy a different pad again.

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