Homeschool Resource: We Rock! Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

Music appreciation was always one of my favorite classes, especially when we got to study the history of rock! It is one of the things I'm looking forward to teaching the kids the most. However, finding the curriculum, information, and tools to teach it to them with was proving to be more difficult than I like.

Thanks to Music Lab, I am not longer worrying bout that! Music Lab has now brought us WE ROCK: A Fun Family Guide For Exploring Rock Music History, by Jason Hanley.  This book contains biographies, historical context, extensive playlists, and even activities for the whole family. It covers artists including Elvis, The Beatles, Ray Charles and even The Ramones.

This book is going to be the guide for teaching music appreciation for our family. (Even with other types of music, we can use it as a guide to make activities fun!) In fact, I cannot wait to really dive in.

This book has 52 music labs (yep, that's one a week) that have listening activities for the families together. They also highlight the great songs in rock history and even share stories and insights about the artists. That's what I've always loved- the little-known facts about those artists that influence the music we have today. These labs include ideas on how to enjoy music as a family and even "Try This At Home" activities. Some of these include writing lyrics and singing in harmony. Each lab also includes a playlist, historical fact/ social connections, song facts and destinations that are relevant. There are even online playlists included at the back of the book.

The artists included was enough to get me excited. I can't wait to teach Tbomb and Kodabug about Nirvana, Led Zepplin, U2, and Kiss. Little known fact- I was named after a Kiss song- my mom loved the song so much, my middle name is Beth. Journey, Queen, Madonna, and Michael Jackson are high on my list as well.

The author, Jason Hanley, is the director of education at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He has done an amazing job at creating activities to get families and children of all ages excited about rock!

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