Guest Post: The Benefits of Homeschooling

The Benefits of Homeschooling

More and more parents are opting to homeschool their children instead of sending them to public school. But why? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of homeschooling your child.

Personalize Your Child’s Learning

Teaching your child at home allows you to customize the curriculum and teaching styles specifically for your child’s needs, learning style, and pace. This allows you to see what subjects you should devote extra time to with your child, which is an advantage that regular classrooms generally cannot provide for each student. For example, children’s literacy is a huge problem in the United States, a problem that organizations like the United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council and UNICEF are constantly working to improve. If your child is struggling with reading and/or writing skills and you are homeschooling him or her, you can take as long as you need to help your child grasp those concepts and abilities.

Homeschooling also allows you to see what extra subjects (the subjects that would be considered an “elective” in a typical public school setting) your child actually responds to and enjoys. Is he or she drawn to a specific sport, musical instrument, or art technique? While you should definitely expose your child to all of these to promote a variety of options, observe what he or she prefers and run with that.

Most children have to divide their time between an elective they love and electives they don’t really care for; homeschooling your child allows them to devote more time to the skills he or she is actually interested in pursuing.

Learn What Makes Your Child Tick

Homeschooling will obviously provide you with more time to spend with your child than a usual school schedule will, but the homeschooling method allows you to bond with your child in different ways--and not just because of the amount of time you’ll be spending together. As you teach your child, you’ll be exposed to the inner workings of his or her mind.

You’ll be able to see the way he or she processes information, which will give you a better understanding of his or her thought process of non-scholastic things. You’ll also have a firsthand look at your child’s weaknesses, which will give you a hand in strengthening your child’s problem-solving skills: you can help him or her overcome those weaknesses and turn them into strengths. As one homeschooling mom told the website, homeschooling “allows me to be constantly in tune with the needs of my kids and find creative ways to meet those needs.”

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Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

The flexible schedule is another major advantage of homeschooling. not only does this come in handy when planning a vacation, since you can go during typical off-season parts of the year and get cheaper, less-crowded trips, but this also provides a lot of day-to-day freedom.

A homeschooling schedule is also very convenient for scheduling things like appointments and meetings. You can make nearly any time slot work, as opposed to public school students who either have to miss important class time for appointments or have to wait a long time to get these appointments done.

With a flexible schedule that you get to dictate, you can also engage your child in fun, hands-on learning experiences. If you want to take your child to the art or natural history museum, go for it!

Homeschooling Could be a Great System for You and Your Kids!

Though it’s not necessarily for every family, there are quite a few distinct advantages to homeschooling. Figure out if it is a good fit for you and your family!


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