GoPro FloatPro With Head Mount Strap

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For quite a while now, I have been looking for a great head mount strap for my GoPro. The one's I've seen and bought (big mistake) were flimsy and didn't really stay in place. That is a bigger problem for me than a lot of GoPro users because mine is modified for night vision, with an IR light ring around the lens and a 9V battery attached. I usually do not have the protective casing on it, so if it falls, I'm really in trouble. When I do have the protective casing on it, I'm near water- if it fell off, it would be gone, even if it was protected from the water.


When I was given the chance to review a head mount by FloatPro, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. When it arrived, I was stunned and even more excited. This head mount is made of quality materials that I do not fill will break while using it. Also, it has these little grips on the inside to keep it in place. I have used it with a helmet, ball cap, beanie, and just on my head. It works perfectly and stays in place just like it is meant to. There is no slipping while filming that messes up what you are trying to achieve. If I'm running in the woods in the middle of the night, I do not have to fear my GoPro falling to its demise.

The float that is attached is amazing. It is actually removable from the head mount, so that it can be used elsewhere. I have a wristlet that works perfectly with it. I attach it to my monopod or whatever other mount I am using at the time, including to the housing itself. I have also attached it to my backpack mount in case it fell off.

Now, no matter what I am doing, I know my GoPro is protected. I can't wait to go kayaking and film that adventure. Maybe I'll even go look for the Lake Murray Monster next!


  1. How nice! I would really enjoy this! I will have to check out the price!

  2. Mimi,

    If you use a gopro or other waterproof or action camera, it is definitely worth it. You can actually get adapters to use a regular camera with GoPro accessories.

    Thanks for visiting the blog again,