Drink More Water with Waterbean #SummerPrep2015

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I wrote a post before about what I consider the 10 must have products for the summer. My favorite out of this list has to be The WaterBean. It is convenient, promotes health, and is perfect for travel.

I can't tell you how many times I have managed to forget water on a trip. If its just a day trip, that's not a big deal, I just stop at a gas station and pick one up. However, the problem comes in when our trip is longer. Last summer, we went away for a few days and Kodabug was still drinking formula. We didn't have a lot of space in the car and by the time I was done packing it, I forgot to throw in the case of water or the kids.

I had a bottle in the car bag but didn't realize I had forgotten the case until we were already there. Who wants to spend their vacation grocery shopping at overpriced stores and lugging it up to the room after you have already unpacked the car once? I spent my vacation running to soda machines and gas stations to get water for Tbomb to drink and for Kodabug to have her formula. We all know that I wasn't about to give them tap water away from home, but the inconvenience bugged me even after we got home.

I was determined to find a solution to this problem, so when I stumbled across The WaterBean, I was in love.

The Waterbean will fit in any bottle whether is is a disposable plastic, reusable plastic, glass or even metal bottle. The filters are easily changed, and you can clean it very easily, just by allowing it to dry on a windowsill. The Waterbean takes all the nasty tastes and impurities out of tap water and even adds minerals. It looks really cool too. At just $9.95 for a WaterBean and $4.96 for 6 months of refills, you can't go wrong. It lasts for 3 months without needing to change the filter- That's a whole summer! 

I keep The Waterbean in the diaper bag so that it is anywhere we are. It is so much easier to get the kids to drink water with this in tow. I cannot think of a single more important arsenal in my diaper bag. Clean, yummy water wherever we go? That's a win! 

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