Insoles: They do a foot good

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

I have written before about my husband's unfortunate incident involving a band saw crushing his foot. That was about two years ago, and he still has problems with it. He takes medication for it and tries everything else he can think of and the doctors recommend for his foot. But, nothing really helps when he's working. He can't even really walk through the woods anymore, which he loves to do.

When I was asked to review these insoles from Syono, I thought that they might just help him. When they arrived, he was eager to try them out, so he put them right in his tennis shoes. Since then, he has moved them to his steel-toe boots. They save his feet while he's working and he's not as miserable when he comes home. His steel-toe boots are the hardest on his foot because they don't allow him to move his foot like he needs to and with the damage being on the top of his foot, they irritate him. I have to say that the insoles have done more good than anything else he has tried.
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