Best Travel High Chair EVER #SummerPrep2015

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

I have been looking for Kodabug a travel high chair for a while. I had never thought we would need one, but within just a couple of weeks, I had been to a family member's home that didn't have a high chair and to a restaurant that didn't have one, and wished I'd had one of those handy dandy fabric travel ones.

Well, I had a chance to review the Yochi Yochi travel high chair and was ecstatic. When I received it and realized it was so much more than that, I was so excited. This portable high chair is also a walking harness and a safety strap for a buggy. How awesome is that? This was the perfect item or us. I keep it in Kodabug's backpack so that it is always with her. It has been used countless times and I don't see us not using it anytime soon.

The fabric this harness is made with is of exceptional quality. The edges are even made so that baby or toddler doesn't get scratches is they rub against it. I always worry about that in the summer time. The straps are durable and long. I can use it with her, or my very very tall husband can. With an almost 2 foot difference in our heights, that's a big deal! Anything we have for travel, I prefer to have multiple uses, after all there is only so much room in their backpacks and our travel bag. This is the perfect addition to anyone's diaper bag, toddler bag, glove compartment or purse. you will be shocked at how often you use it.

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