Best Light EVER! #PowerPuck + A #Giveaway + Discount

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

It isn't very often that I receive a product to review and know immediately that I will insist on purchasing more right away- unless it is something for the kids. This light is one of those things- I have warned my husband that we will be purchasing one for him, one for the car, and probably a couple for the kids. These light are just that versatile.

It can be hung up, can set on a table, or used like a flashlight. Same goes for when it is expanded into "lantern" form. This will be perfect for emergencies and for night lights for the kids while camping and traveling. This is also one o those things I'm insisting my husband and in-laws have in their investigation packs.

I've used it on one expedition and couldn't be happier. The light is super bright, but also has a dimmer and flashing mode. Not only can I use it to see where I am walking, but also for looking at evidence. If I find a footprint during a night expedition, I can set this light on the ground and have both of my hands free to film or to look at the evidence more closely. Did I run across some hair snagged on a tree branch, well I can hang the Power Puck on a nearby limb and look closer. See what I mean, it is truly amazing!

This super versatile light runs on 3 AAA batteries, and they last quite a while. In fact, you get 12 to 15 hours of light with a set of batteries with the light on bright. When you turn it to dim, that time can be doubled. The LED light itself will last 100,000 hours. One of my absolutely favorite features of the Power Puck is that the rubber coating on it allows it to be waterproof- we all know how important that is to me. If something is waterproof, it wins in my mind.

When the light is closed (in the puck shape), it is in flashlight mode. It is pretty small, and will even fit in your hand. At 3.5 inches around, 2 inches high, and less than 5 ounces, it is the perfect light to carry with you. When you want it in lantern mode, just twist the top away from the bottom and it pos on open.

Something Special

Because you guys are so amazing, the folks at Power Puck have offered something special. Now, they are offering the amazing Power Puck at 50% off on Amazon. This light is normally $39.95, but while this offer stands, you can get it for just $19.95. 

They could use our help though- if you buy a Power Puck, they would love it if you would share photos of you using it! (Paranormal Investigators- they would really love to see this). 

That is a dang good deal, but it gets even better!

It gets even better, they are giving away 2 Power Pucks to readers at The Palmetto Queen. It is super simple to enter too! 

Just CLICK HERE TO ENTER. Just one thing- when you enter, be sure to use a valid email address, or they will not be able to contact you when you win! Good Luck! 

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