10 Tips For Traveling With Multiple Kids #SummerPrep2015

Last year, we took our first vacation as a multi-kid household. While it was only for a few days, I learned a lot from that experience. I want to share with you what I learned and hopefully help you actually get a little bit of a vacation the next time your family vacations, because we all know moms never really get to vacation.

1. Have Two Of Everything

I learned this the hard way. Kodabug had this ball- you know, the ones with the bells inside and all the cool hexagons that they can grip on to. It always made her laugh, so I made sure to take this ball along on our vacation. I didn't take Tbomb one and we had a disaster on our hands when she played with that ball. Lesson- take something appropriate of the same type for each kid. 

2. Give them time away from each other. 

Although my kids are always together, vacation changes things. Because we were in a different place, the kids adjusted differently and needed some time away from each other to deal with the change. So, at restaurants, we put them at opposite ends of the table. We let Tbomb play on the balcony with daddy while Kodabug crawled around the room. 

3. Plan a special activity for each

This can be something really simple. We took Kodabug and let her play in the sprinklers along the main strip of Cherokee. It was new to her and she had fun. She did this while Tbomb and daddy played at the arcade, something they do each time we go. Tbomb's special activity was mining at the rock shop on the way home. They each got that special thing to do to make them feel special. I believe that was a success. 

4. Plan something they can do together

Last year, Kodabug wasn't really old enough to experience something Tbomb would get excited about, but this year will be different. They both love animals, so we are going to take them both to the petting zoo. I think they will feed off of each other's excitement and them something out of the ordinary to bond over. 

5. Souveniers

This is something that my husband and I have thought about over and over again. Tbomb usually gets his own money to buy things with. We are going to change that up a little this year. We are going to put the same ount of money in two different envelopes. We don't like a lot of stuff coming home, so they will each get something just alike and one other thing that is different. That's the plan anyway! 

6. Staying organized

Everything in our life is color coded for the kids. Kodabug is pink and Tbomb is green. In addition to that, they each have their favorite character. So, Tbomb is spiderman and Kodabug is Minnie Mouse. While at home, we do stray from that, if we are out and about or on vacation, we never stray from the colors and characters. It makes life much easier. The kids know what belongs to who and so do I. 

7. Staying Safe

This is the most important thing in my travel list. Each kid has a bracelet with my phone number on it. They wear these on their ankles at all times. We also have a harness for each kid. This year, we actually have a second umbrella stroller, so we have one for each. This helps us keep up with them and make sure they are safe at all times. Don't forget the first aid kit. 

8. Entertainment

If both kids do not like the same movie, don't take it unless you have two ways of playing it. I actually convert all of my kids' movies to mp4 and put them on a thumb drive. I then put up the DVD. If you don't want to do that or can't, take movies they both enjoy. Luckily, I have all movies with us. Tbomb has his tablet, and we have an old one with some baby apps on it for Kodabug. I can use a mount on the car seat so that they can both watch a movie together. 

9. Noise

Noise is the biggest problem for our family. Especially while on vacation, we set quiet time. Usually after we have lunch in our room. They don't have to go to sleep, but they have to be quiet and still. They usually end up going to sleep anyway. We also have a rule about noise with devices. If the app, movie, or whatever they are doing they must wear headphones. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you are having towo different types of noises coming in your ears while trying to do something, it can be quite loud and overwhelming. These rules go at home and on vacation. 

10. Plan to have fun

I am a planner and an organizer to the extreme. There are times though that I go overboard and forget tha the point is to have fun and bond as a family. My husband has to remind me to not be so serious and to go with the flow. We have come to a common ground. The main things get planned, but if the plans fall throuh, it is okay. I also have to plan for sponteneaty. We balance eachother and I think it is a good thing for the kids- they are learning both sides of it. 

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