Wishes: Blogging From A to Z

Isn't it strange how our wishes change over time? As kids we wish for it to rain candy, to become a princess overnight, or even to ride a dinosaur. Those wishes are pure. as a teenager, we wish for good grades, our prince charming, and a date to prom. As a college student, we wish the hangover would go away, wish to make it onto the dean's list, and wish for a faster car.

Then, the wishes change even more when we make it into adulthood. We wish for a better job, for an engagement ring, and the house of our dreams. Then, when that positive pregnancy test arrives, our wishes change the most drastically. We wish for healthy babies, for them to be happy, and for them to always have what they need.

I sit here and think about how my life has changed in the last 30 years, and how it will continue to change even more. I couldn't wish for anything besides my children's future at this point- I have all I could ever want or need.

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