Volume: Blogging From A to Z

Why does life not have a volume button? I'm not joking!

I'm sitting here with a headache pounding in my ears and the volume of everything around me is set on max. The kids are finally in bed, but that didn't stop the noise.

Even the sound of my mouse clicking is setting off the sharp pains going through my head. I wish I had a remote control to mute everything around me. I'd go to bed, but even the pressure of my pillow makes it worse.

I'm done whining about it now. I want to urge you all to find out what the triggers are with your headaches because that can really help. Why take meds for it, when you can prevent it in the first place. For me, certain colors can trigger one, but the biggest problem with colors is extremely contrasting colors, like neons with black, and black and white. I think the one today was caused by too much cheese, which has a way of triggering a headache.

How do you manage? I prefer a cherry pit pillow, but I usually end up taking sinus medication or ibuprofen. I would love to hear what you do to make the pain go away.


  1. Cari, I can appreciate how hard it is being a Mom. My girls are grown (28 and 23) but I still worry about them and talk to them every day. Do you have any fitness tips? I love paranormal investigating shows! Have you seen bigfoot? Lol. I am new to blogging (since Jan.) but I'm enjoying it immensely and meeting so many nice people.

    I'm nominating you for 2 blogger awards. Check my blog for the details. Good Luck! Joan

  2. Thank you so much Joan! Blogging is what keeps me sane, but sometimes contributing tho the insanity. I can't imagine not having my kids right with me when they are grown. I guess that's what so important about the growing up process. As far as fitness tips- drink lots of water and don't stress about it.

    Paranormal investigating isn't like what the shows have, but it is important. We want to help people, but it can actually be boring at times. I actually have seen a bigfoot in the middle of the day, I'll write about it sometime. I also had a rock the size of a cinderblock thrown at my head. That was quite the experience.

  3. Rarely do I take pain meds and it would be impossible without Acupuncture.

    Good to meet you through A to Z.
    I do miss my children being little.