Tbomb: Blogging From A to Z

My Tbomb was born September 26, 2010. My life changed forever that day, in more ways than one. His birth story is quite interesting, but that's not what this is about. This post is about him and the name that has stuck with him since the day he was born. I do not use his real name for privacy reasons, but Tbomb might as well be his real name.

When he was born, he had a gas problem. This was evident within the first few hours of his birth. In fact, at one point the smell filled the room and it was like no one could breathe. My MIL jokingly called him Tbomb for setting that bomb. Obviously, that stuck and I don't thing that is going away anytime soon.

Through all of phases, ups and downs, tantrums, and sweet moments, Tbomb has stuck and I think it always will.

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