Rejuvenating: Blogging From A to Z

Yesterday, we sat out on the porch for a while. I was starting to stress, knowing that I needed to get some work done or I would be behind. I also knew that the kids needed that time outside with their family. I didn't know what to do, but the stress was not leaving me. So, I decided to do both. I took my laptop out and worked while the kids played. The sun felt nice, it was nice to be as a family, even if I was working, and it was nice to have the best of both worlds.

In the afternoon, the storms started rolling in. I am terrified of storms. I blame it on Hugo and what our family went through, but I also know that several of my family members have an irrational fear of storms, maybe my fear lies deeper than Hugo. Whenever a storm comes, I get very tense, I'm on high alert, and I'm not much good to anyone. It worries me that I'm going to cause my children to have the same fear as me, so I tend to switch places with my husband and have him handle them. He enjoys storms, so they will watch them together and he'll tell them all bout storms, weather, and how that helps the plants.

The storms finally stopped, the sun came out, and I was at peace. I realized something at that moment. Even though I'm scared of them, storms are rejuvenating. It almost feels like all the stress, worry, and tension are being washed away. More than that, the thunder and lighting is like all that negativity rolling off. Then, the sun comes out and it's like a fresh start. Maybe that's why I feel there may be a more deep reason I'm afraid of storms. Maybe I'm afraid to come face to face with the problems that cause me stress- I'd rather face them and get it done than sit and think about them, all the while watching it all unfold before me.

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