ReelCase: A Phone Solution For Moms Everywhere

Disclaimer: I am helping out with this campaign. All opinions are my own.

I have written before about my love of Kickstarter and the importance of Crowdfunding in today's world. I love finding unique Kickstarter projects that just call to me. One of these projects is ReelCase- a product everyone can benefit from.

I have a major problem when it comes to my phone. It takes amazing pictures and I love having my phone with me to snap pictures of the kids. Besides calls, texts, and photos of the kids, my phone has many uses. I use it to take photos on investigations and expeditions, I use it to work, manage social media, and so much more. I actually have several apps I use during paranormal investigations that require me to keep it close. The problem comes in that I drop it quite often. I try to balance my phone and everything else, something loses and lands on the floor. Other time, I don't need it in my hand, but need it handy. Well, the belt holster is really a pain to use. I have ended up dropping it, just trying to get my phone out of the holster.

I have often wished that my phone had a lanyard. Back before I had a smartphone, my phone had a way of attaching a lanyard, so I always had it near. I have wondered why smartphones didn't have that. Well, when the creators of the ReelCase contacted me, I was instantly drawn in.

How cool is that- you put the ReelCase on your iPhone, and have this handy dandy lanyard that can be locked at any length you want. Perfect for any time in life. When you don't need a lanyard, just let it wind itself up into the case and you're good to go. 

Wouldn't it be cool if you could have the lanyard mechanism for any device? I would love that! Well, I happen to know that that is in the future plans for ReelCase. 

Are yo interested in having a ReelCase of your own? Would you like to help back this project? ReelCase is now open for backers and the packages range from $5 to $3500. Check them out on Kickstarter. Check out their website for more information on ReelCase

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