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Do you have a 4 year old? Have you been around one for more than 5 minutes? Then I'm sure the word questions comes to your mind. Tbomb turned 4 in September. That kid asks more questions than I thought was in existence. When you answer, he simply asks why? While at times, I'm working and really need him to stop asking questions, I really love it. I love his curiousity.

Another thing about it is that we are a homeschool family, so the questions really open up the opportunity for lessons. Lately, he's been on a kick about weather. While we patiently try to answer the questions, I am trying to find an appropriate weather curriculum for him. We do not explain the way some do to kids. We explain like we're talking with another adult.

He always understand and follows. Because we never put him in that "just a kid" box, he understands much more than the average 4-year-old. That is what makes it difficult finding the right curriculum for him. So much that is created for his age is "dumbed" down from what he understands, but a lot that is for ages older than him, he just isn't ready for. Also, I really don't want him to get too far ahead before he's even "legally" supposed to be in pre-school. All I know is that I will continue to encourage his questions and explain answers the best I can.

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