Procrastinator: Blogging From A to Z

My name is Cari and I am a procrastinator. If I could choose one word to describe me, besides floaty (don't ask), that would be it. Most people in my life do not understand it. when it comes to everyday chores, I want to get them done, but when I have a project or article due, I tend to be a last minute gal. I blame it on working well under pressure, which I do. However, I think it has more to do with my perfectionist tendencies and my fear of failure.

I have this horrible fear of failure. When I was in school and had a project due, paper due, or test that I wasn't 100% confident in, I would get physically ill. I mean running a fever, nausea, body aches, almost like the flu. It got to the point that my mother went to a counselor about it. They explained to her that I had school phobia, and that is what happens. I had such a strong fear of failure that it would make me physically sick. My mom's solution was that when I had something major, she would set a timer and have me work on it a little at a time, each day, to make sure I wasn't feeling overwhelmed and had more time to make it perfet. It worked, but I would still get anxious.

Even now, I know that if I don't procrastinate, my stress levels aren't as high, but those tendencies still stick around.

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