PRESS RELEASE: News From Verizon Wireless: Earth Day #VZWBuzz

Verizon Wireless Drives Mobile Tech With A Cause.

Presents hip technology for a greener life; encourages recycling for domestic violence victims.

GREENVILLE, S.C.— Earth Day 2015 is drawing near. This annual celebration serves as a great reminder to consumers around the globe to search out ways they can positively contribute to issues that affect our environment and our communities. More than planting trees and picking up litter, Verizon Wireless offers some savvy technology and valuable programs designed to make going green pretty cool.


This Friday, April 17 at noon, visit Earth Day #VZWBuzz Mobile Lifestyle Chat. To participate, email with the subject line: VZWBuzz. Topics will include how to safely recycle electronics, trading in your smartphones and the HopeLine program.

· Ever wonder where all the old/used cell phones go? Verizon Wireless solves the mystery. Through HopeLine, Verizon has recycled and refurbished over 10 million phones. By donating no-longer-used wireless devices and accessories (from any provider), consumers help support victims and survivors of domestic violence. If donated phones are unsalvageable, they will join more than 2.1 million phones that have been recycled under Verizon’s zero-landfill policy.

· Earth Day is celebrated one day each year, but it serves as a great reminder of the importance (and impact) of a sustainable commitment to working green and living green every day of the year. In recognition of Earth Day #45, Verizon Wireless is putting a spotlight on some specific energy-savings products and offering fun tips about how you can live a greener lifestyle.

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