Organized On The Go: Travel Belt

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

This travel belt has become of of my favorite things ever. I thought I would just use it to keep gear close by during expeditions and investigations. I was really wrong with that one. I actually use it a good big, even running errands. I especially use it while yardsaling, flea market shopping, and traveling. I can keep my phone, money, and anything else I need close by without carrying my purse around.

 This travel belt by Travel Hardwear is truly amazing. It has an adjustable eleastic waistband and lots of pockets. In fact, even the back has a mesh pocket. It is designed to be worn under your shirt to keep pickpockets at bay, but I wear it outside of my clothes.  If you choose to wear it under your clothes, it fits snug and in a way that keeps it from being bulky or noticable. It even has built in RFID protection- can't be too safe these days.

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