Optimism: Blogging From A to Z

 I try to stay positive, no matter what I am doing. It's one of those things my mother drilled into me. It doesn't matter if someone is dying, I look at it optimistically, it is just in my nature. Usually when someone is at that point, I feel in my heart it will get better- there was only one time that wasn't like that. When my great-granny died, I saw it differently than most of my family. She talked to me before she went in the hospital, I didn't understand at the time, but when she actually got sick, I understood.

The conversation started with her telling me that she wanted to go home. Well, at 90 years old, 12 years a widow, and declining health, she didn't need to live alone in her big house full of memories. She told me that I was misunderstanding. She was ready to be home with Hoyt, my great grandaddy. It was then that I understood that she was ready to leave us. I was completely heartbroken. 

She told me to stay positive, that she needed this and that I no longer needed her. She was wrong. I did need her. Little did I know that she needed me to stay optimistic because she needed me. She needed me to run interference. Everyone was telling her to get better and go home, but that wasn't what she needed. She was tired. She needed to be done with her mission and she felt she was. She knew in her heart that we had learned what we needed. She had taken the time to cryptically tell me the things I needed to know about the paranormal world to keep me safe. She was the strongest woman I have ever known. You will learn more about this amazing woman in my book to be released sometime in the near future, My Life: After Dark

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