MeCam: POV for Everyone + #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was offered a product to review. All opinions are my own.

MeCam ClassicYou know how it is, every once in a while, you run across the coolest gadgets that you don't think you can live without. As a paranormal investigator and bigfoot researcher, that happens quite often. While we have the normal equipment that we can't investigate without, there are other things that come along that just make the experience more enjoyable and help so much, even if they aren't "necessary." Well, to me they are because I am a complete gadget geek.

MeCam is one of those items for me. I just pin it on my shirt, belt, or backpack strap and catch all the action without making sure my other camera is catching it. Say, I'm setting up equipment and a shadow goes across the room, my MeCam caught it, although my other cameras are not in use at the moment. Say I'm traipsing through the woods in the middle of the night- I'm watching where my feet are going, not capturing the action around me. No worries though, MeCam caught it. The MeCam Classic is my new best friend.

The MeCam is outfitted with a safety pin to use as a lapel pin, as well as holes for a lanyard. You can use it practically anywhere, even as a stationary camera if the need arises. The 7 IR lights allow for filming in the dark, which I do a lot. It can take stills and video with or without the IR lights. The camera charges via USB, takes a micro SD card to save and even comes with the adapter to use it in your computer. There are even indicator lights to help you make sure it is charged, and help determine which mode the camera is currently in. There is a learning curve to the MeCam, but that is the case with anything worth using.

MeCam actually has 3 different cameras available, at amazing price points. The MeCam Classic, and the MeCam HD. There is also the MeCam X, wish is an action camera with a full line of accessories included for just $229.99- quite a bit of difference from the well known action camera.

MeCam has become one of my favorite investigative tools and I will be using it on each investigation. I'm starting a youtube channel that will feature these videos so that you can see what actually happens on an investigation. Be sure to look for Cari's MeCam on Youtube (The paranormal Sass)

Want to win one for yourself? I'd love to hear how you would use a Mecam Classic. Just comment and tell me your ideas.  A winner will be chosen April 24, 2015. Good Luck!


  1. I want to put it on my dog's collar and record what she sees- Dee

  2. It would be great for set up. Easily document initial readings and catch anything happening in the background Cordelia/dot/brewer/at/gmail/dot/com

  3. I would like to catch my grand babies first steps aprilmobley/dot/author/at/gmail/dot/com