Martha: Blogging From A to Z

I remember growing up, my mom would watch Martha Stewart, Lynette Jennings, and the other pioneers of the DIY shows. I didn't really care for Lynette Jennings' style, and I've never really cared for good ole Martha. Mom would just laugh and tell me that one of these days I would really like it; you know, when I became a wife and mom.

Well, I've been a wife and mom for about 5 years now and I still do not care for Martha (I am a closet Martha Stewart Living reader though). Something about her just bothers me. I have no idea why. The thing about not liking her, is that so many people compare me to her. With my love for crafts, baking, etiquette, and throwing parties, most people I know assume that I'm a huge fan. I've recently realized something though- maybe I don't like her because I'm too much like her...

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