Laughter: Blogging From A to Z

I was sitting in the sunroom earlier. I was getting annoyed because I had so much work to do, but the kids were being impossible. It's been one of those days that every five minutes someone needs something and 2 seconds don't go buy without someone screaming "mommy." Finally, I'd had enough. I decided to close my computer, put my to-do list on hold, and sit in the sunroom with the kids. I grabbed the book I'm reading (actually "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret," by Judy Blume- I never read it growing up, so my MIL just ordered it for me). I curled up in a chair where I could see out the windows, and read my book while the kids played.

Sometime during the afternoon, I realized that I was no longer reading my book. Instead, I sat there watching the kids and laughing along with them at the silliest things in the world. They are the silliest kids, on their own. However, if you put them together, there is no way to keep a straight face. All of my stress had m

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