Insecurities: Blogging From A to Z

Everyone on this planet has insecurities. Depending on our place on life, our insecurities change. As teenagers, we are insecure about our looks, families, and everything else that our peers may comment on. As a college student, we are insecure about our grades, our status on campus, and so much more. In our twenties, our insecurities change again. Eventually, we become a spouse and a parent. This brings even more insecurities, probably the most important ones we will ever have.

We become insecure about our relationship with those we love, about making sure the relationship we have with our husbands is strong, and insecure about our past and making sure it doesn't affect us negatively. The way we raise our children causes even more. Are we feeding the right things, are we letting them watch too much television, are they getting enough physical activity?

The thing is that these insecurities are what make us good parents. If we didn't worry about any of it, then that would make us different people. What would you think about someone who didn't worry about their children?

The thing about insecurities is that we all have them, but we cannot let them control us. That is what makes the difference.

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