Guest Post: Space Saving Home Designs

To create a home design that saves your limited space you can invest in items and pieces of furniture which function as two things at least and can be used with double purposes. Here are some space saving home design ideas which will help you organize your rooms effectively and without losing space. They are practical and once you invest in them you will create the interior design you dream of with less efforts.

If you have a two storey house and stairs one of the investments you can make is choose stairs which offer under-stairs storage. The stairs have the option to be used as cupboards and shelves that can be opened and closed. In them you can keep clothes, boxes with different items and whatever you choose. This is a smart way to use you stairs and the space under it effectively.

Another smart innovation you can do in your home is buy and mount stairs which can be used as drawers. This double function of the stairs will save you space and let you store shoes, slippers and different other things. These stairs need regular cleaning more often then the simple ones. You could hire professionals like SW18 Tenancy Cleaners.

You can buy a table with chairs which can fit in a shelf. They can be taken out of the shelf and used at will and packed away in the shelf. This will save you space in your kitchen or living room which can be used however you decide. You can find many modern innovations in home design. There are dining tables with chairs which can be fitted in the table and taken out any time to be used for sitting. They look stylish and save space too.

You can find a sofa bunk bed which can be used as a sofa and a double-storey bed. It is very functional and saves a lot of space in the living room. It can be used as a bed for guest and as a sofa in the rest of the time.

Another way to save your space at home is use built-in electrical appliances or position them one over another. For example you can put the drying machine over your washing machine or buy these appliances built-in in shelving. This will help you organize your laundry area better and save plenty of space.

Many beds sold in the stores have cupboards under them which can be used to store your bed linen, pillows and sheets. If you buy such your bedroom will be more organised and you can save some space in it. You can buy a two-storey bed in the children's bedroom to save more space.

The space under the stairs in your home can be used more effectively. You can put a desk, some cupboards, an office chair and a PC. This area can be used by your whole family for work. Make sure you choose such pieces of furniture in it which will match the style and colour of your staircase. Decorate the area accordingly.

There are plenty of pieces of furniture which can be used with two and more purposes when being folded and adjusted. You can choose the ones you like that suit your home interior and décor. These modern inventions will help you save your space when it is limited and use your rooms in a more practical way.

When designing your home choose lighter colours and hues for the furniture, floor and décor. Lighter colours make small spaces look larger and more spacious than they really are. Darker colours, on the other hand, make the interior seem smaller so avoid them in your home design.

Use the ideas given here and choose the appliances and pieces of furniture thinking not only about beauty but functionality as well. This will help you use your home space better and wiser and it won't seem tiny or narrow. 

Thank you for this lovely article Anna. Anna is an expert in organizing and cleaning. Home improvement is in her blood (literally) - she is a daughter of a professional organizer.

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