Family Time: Blogging From A to Z

 Family time is one of the most important things to me. My children and my husband are the most important people in my life, but my circle goes much firther than that. Growing up, I wasn't always around family and I don't want my children to experience that. They have the most amazing family. All of their grandparents (they have 9, aren't they lucky) adore them. They would do anything for them and more than anything I want them to be close. I want them to spend quality time with their grandparents so that when the time comes they have the most amazing memories.

That is one thing I regret more than anything- not spending the time with mine while I still could. That is a mistake I will not let my children make. We are lucky when we have these amazing people in our lives and it is our job as parents to make sure we create the opportunity for family time- with immediate family and extended family. Our children will thank us one day!

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  1. Yes, enjoy your family as much as you can. Time with your kids will zip by. I am sure your children are appreciating the time you spend with them even if they don't tell you.
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