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Books have always been a major part of my life. I'm one of those people that get obsessed and I'll read a book until I'm done, which often results in me getting behind in work. When I co-managed the bookstore, it was heaven. I mean, seriously- what better combination is there than great conversations, coffee, books, and discounts on books? Working there just increased my love of books. It wasn't until I moved in with the Mr that I realized how many I had accumulated over the years.  I moved AT LEAST 15 boxes of books- and that's after I donated a good many. After the bookcases were filled, they were stacked on tables, and even on the floors, to make a table.

Even now, my obsession continues, but more with kid books. With homeschool starting for us, my obsession went tunnel vision. It seems all I see is kids books, and we can't get enough of them.

The problem with this is that we are running out of room. Enter kindle. I love mine, and we even have the app on Tbomb's tablet. This is a great homeschool resource, but there is still a flaw in that it gets expensive buying all the books I want him to read.

Finally, when I was looking into the McGuffey readers for him, I stumbled across an awesome resource. Project Gutenberg is a resource with a catalog of over 48,000 books in its collection. These titles are available with little or no fee. Amazing, right?

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Now, when I need a specific title for Tbomb (or my own research) and it isn't a book I necessarily am dying to own, I check Project Gutenberg first. In fact, I ended up buying the McGuffy's primer, but will use the readers in the Project Gutenberg collection. There are books in every genre and for every age level.

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