Add Style to Your Shoes With #WeLoveColors

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Colorful Shoelaces ( 3 Different Samples Included) Promotion - Image 4 I have this habit that most people I know think is funny. When I buy new tennis shoes, I buy new shoelaces. This may seem a bit absurd, but I am not a fan of white laces, so I buy colored ones. 

I have found a new outlet for my shoelace oddity though. I have discovered WeLoveColors. They offer 51 colors of shoelaces, and different types as well (round and flat). 

There are many other uses for shoelaces though, so go ahead and stock up. 

I use shoelaces for many things: 

  • shoes (obviously)
  • a belt
  • hair tie
  • replacing hoodie strings
  • tying on luggage for easy recognition
  • as a lanyard
  • crafts
  • crochet a bracelet
  • anything else that I need string/ ribbon for

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