101 Things To Try This Summer With Your Family: #SummerPrep2015

I am always excited for Summer to finally get here, but this year is different. Tbomb is older and Kodabug can participate more. I have so many things I want to do with my family, so I thought I would share the list.

101 This To Try This Summer With Your Family

  1. Fly a kite
  2. Go camping
  3. Sleep under the stars
  4. Go rafting
  5. Try paddle boating
  6. Catch Fireflies
  7. Catch craw-fish
  8. Eat dinner outside
  9. Find shapes in the clouds
  10. Visit the zoo
  11. Go to a fish hatchery
  12. Explore Waterfalls
  13. Collects bits of nature
  14. Try Geocaching
  15. Explore local museums
  16. Make crayon rubbings from plaques at historical buildings
  17. Make a treasure hunt
  18. Try metal detecting
  19. Recycling Crafts (like string lights out of tin cans)
  20. Make a homemade slip and slide
  21. Play in the sprinklers
  22. Volunteer for a community clean-up
  23. Participate in a summer reading program
  24. Sit out a trail camera and see what animals live in your neighborhood
  25. Make peanut butter and birdseed birdfeeders
  26. Find a new festival to attend
  27. Visit a car show
  28. Pick wildflowers on the roadside 
  29. Explore new hobbies as a family
  30. Participate in a family talent show
  31. Go to a retirement home and sing, read, or talk to the residents
  32. Ride bikes through the park
  33. Fly an RC helicopter
  34. Have a movie night with a bunch of pillows and blankets on the lawn
  35. Play video games as a family- we do this with classic consoles
  36. Make silly family videos outside
  37. Find a park you have never been to
  38. Explore your local state parks
  39. Visit a battlefield
  40. Visit historical "ruins"
  41. Grow a garden
  42. Visit the farmer's market
  43. Drive to a random destination for the day
  44. Play miniature golf
  45. Blow bubbles
  46. Go for a hike
  47. Water gun war
  48. Water balloon war
  49. Roll down hills
  50. Slide down a hill on a paper bag
  51. DIY projects
  52. 123 redlight
  53. Red Rover
  54. Play hide and seek
  55. Grill 
  56. Paint each other
  57. Shaving cream war
  58. Learn to build a camp fire
  59. Sit around the campfire and sing songs
  60. Learn CPR
  61. Learn survival techniques
  62. Invite neighbors over for a cook out
  63. Make milkshakes
  64. Make ice cream
  65. Visit a farm
  66. Watermelon seed fight
  67. Learn about different kind of trees
  68. Learn about what plants you can eat
  69. Take a trip
  70. Make wind chimes out of silverware
  71. Go birdwatching
  72. Learn about your local ecosystems
  73. Catch frogs
  74. Sun brew tea
  75. Take a boating safety class
  76. Find an empty island and boat to it- spend the day there
  77. Go fishing
  78. Visit botanical gardens
  79. Build a pond
  80. See what summer programs local colleges have
  81. Build a dog house
  82. Make a nature collage
  83. Collect driftwood
  84. Go zip lining
  85. Pick berries
  86. Help the elderly with home improvements
  87. Build a tree house
  88. Watch rafters
  89. Dig up worms
  90. Surprise the kids with a day trip
  91. Drive to the mountains for a picnic, then head home
  92. Ice cream for breakfast
  93. Make homemade pizzas
  94. Spend an afternoon outside reading
  95. Play in a kiddie pool with the kids
  96. Hang a swing
  97. Ride Go Carts
  98. Visit flea markets
  99. Make smoothies
  100. Visit an orchard
  101. Have breakfast outside while the sun rises

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