Walking Help With The Juppy Baby Walker

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Miss Kodabug is almost 19 months old and not walking all that good. So, the last time she went to the doctor, I asked him about it and he determined that she is pigeon toed (yes, we can blame that on my genes- my FABulous grandmother was also pigeon toed). After him explaining to me that the braces do more harm than good, and that she would grow out of it as she walked more. I took matters into my own hands. Luckily, the lovelies at Juppy Baby Walker had wanted me to do a review, so I got to try it out on Miss Kodabug.

I'm no doctor, but I think that using the Juppy Walker is really helping her walk more. I'm sure we have quite a ways to go with her walking journey, but she's getting better. I've noticed that she is hardly walking on her tiptoes now, which is something she was doing quite a lot. I've also noticed that she is opting to walk (or toddle) more, where as she would crawl when I would let her.

The really cool thing about the Juppy Walker is that the child doesn't have to hold their hand(s) up while walking with you, allowing them to learn to walk in a more natural manner. It's especially great with my husband because he is quite tall.

Even after Kodabug is walking decent, we will continue to use it in the yard, at the park, and any other places she will be allowed to walk, but hold our hands. I mean, seriously- we don't walk around with our hands above our heads.

If you have one about to learn to walk, or are looking for a unique baby shower or first birthday gift- this is the item you should go for! 
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