Super Software: Infix PDF Editor

Disclaimer: I received the software in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

About 3 years ago, I had the chance to review Infix PDF creator, on Cari On Designing (Now Cari On Media). I was beyond impressed with this software, but I was new to PDF editing and creating. I have since learned more about this art and make and edit PDFs quite often. I use several different programs when working with PDFs, depending on what I am working on. However, Iceni's Infix PDF Editor is the most rounded of the programs I use. I have really enjoyed learning to do new things with it too.

I want to share why I love Infix PDF editor so much.


  • Easily fix typos in PDFs
  • Edit any PDF without the source file (huge plus)
  • Easily fill in forms without printing
  • Automatic reformatting when editing
  • Color Picker
  • Search and Replace
  • Sticky Notes
  • Linked Text Boxes
  • Works Like A Word Processor 
  • Edit just about anything within the PDF
  • Copy text and graphics
  • Create PDFs
  • Create PDF from any document
  • Allows you to create PDFs from printed documents
  • Translation tools
  • Compose using Drag and Drop
  • More Features

Editing text across columsn and linking columns together
Linked Text Boxes
Search & Replace screenshot
Sticky Notes


Iceni's Infix PDF Editor is available in 3 varieties. Choose between Professional, Standard, and Form Filler (free). You can even download a free trial to try it out. More details and features on their website

My Thoughts

I have been extremely impressed with the Infix PDF editor. I used to have to switch between different editors to get everything done. This is extremely annoying when I'm trying to get a project done, working on a deadline, or corresponding with a client on a project. Now that I've started using Infix, I rarely have to open another program. In fact, the only time I do is for my drag and drop converter. It's really nice to have this freedom to do what I want without having to switch between software. If you ever deal with PDFs, you should definitely try it out- I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from having it on their computer. 

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