Staying Prepared for Last Minute Events

I love planning events, especially when I have a while to plan them. I am not always that lucky though. I've often had to plan events just a couple of weeks or a month out. I've even had to plan a last minute luncheon in less than a week. From this, I've learned to stay prepared. In addition to my event planner bag, I have a toolkit that I keep stocked for those last minute events.

First, there are certain people you should add to your network. Get to know these people and work with them often. They can be essential to pulling off a great last minute event. Some of these people include florists, bakeries, venues, musicians, djs, and even caterers, depending on the type of events you work on. Start now thinking outside the box for venues, refreshments, and decor. You never know what you can do on your own at the last minute.

There are obvious things to have when planning events, like a list of what needs to be done, an event planner bag, a timeline, and even business cards. That's for another post though. Today, I want to talk about the physical items to have on hand in case a last minute event comes your way. These things will help to alleviate the stress.

Here are the things I have kept on hand for last minute events. This is just a general list- add or remove items to fit your needs.

1. Table covers in a neutral color (unless your organization uses a specific color). You can choose between table skirts, table cloths, or table runners like this chalkboard one I like. You can opt to go for vinyl or fabric, depending on your purpose. We usually do meet and greets, so vinyl works.

2. It never hurts to have some serving dishes on hand- you really don't want to serve snacks in the packages they came in.

3. It is a good idea to have some promotional items on hand, if you are doing events specifically for one business, organization, or group.

4. A generic sign or banner for your organization should always be on hand.

5. Table decor. This could be candles, vases, or some time of 3D prop.

6. Photo frames with information about your organization. The frames make it look more professional and thought out.

7. Do you use a specific hashtag for events and such within your organization? Get some custom printed items to show it off, along with social media handles. It never hurts to push that aspect of what you are doing.

8. Chalkboards. I really cannot stress enough the usefulness of a chalkboard. Use them in your events to convey certain hashtags, information, directions, or anything else. If you see a chalkboard you like, grab it. You cannot have too many. My suggestion though, is that you use Chalkboard markers as they look clearer and more professional.

9. There are other "big ticket" items that it wouldn't hurt to have. Some of these include a couple of tables, karaoke/ audio equipment, lighting, and other useful event items.

This is the basics of my list. There are other event/ organization specific items on the list, but I didn't want to include those here.

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