Smart Candy Choices For Your Childs Easter Basket

Thanks to, the Easter Bunny Doesn’t Have To Wait For “Big Candy” To Catch Up Smart Bunnies Are Filling Baskets With These Fun Candies Free of All the Funny Stuff

Perfect for Special Diets and Label-Reading Sweet Tooths Everywhere

NOTE: Order by March 27 for East Coast ground delivery, later for further west, more details here .

While Big Candy (think Nestle and Hersey’s) is finally making concessions to consumer demand for better quality ingredients, the mega companies aren’t going far enough fast enough and are taking a piecemeal approach that’s likely to create more confusion than ever—especially for parents worried about what kids are actually putting in their mouths.

For example, Nestle made a big deal about Butterfinger losing its artificial colors and flavors but made no mention of the bar’s hydrogenated oil or artificial preservatives. And while Nestle and Hersey’s are improving their chocolate offerings, they haven’t said much about their other confectionery items, which contain even higher levels of artificial ingredients. Meanwhile, Mars has yet to eliminate artificial colors from M&Ms in the U.S., although it has done so in Europe.

But thanks to , the Easter Bunny doesn’t have to wait. Since 2007, the company has been making life sweeter for ingredient-minded customers worldwide with the largest assortment of high-quality natural, organic, and special-diet-friendly candies available anywhere.

Only yummy candy containing the best ingredients and meeting strict standards is offered—free from HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. Additionally, many of the online store’s products are non-GMO, organic, gluten free, and/or vegan.

Company co-founder Dawn Van Hee is glad that what she calls Big Candy is finally paying attention to ingredients, but thinks that “it will take years for these companies to transition their supply chains (they say so themselves) and their reliance on cheap ingredients will always limit product quality.” works hard to provide as much ingredient information as possible about each item on the site so customers can find what they need, whether they’re filling an allergy-friendly or vegan basket or meeting another dietary requirement. “Plus, we care just as much about finding fun and yummy candies as we do about the ingredients," said Van Hee. "Yes, taste testing the candy is a tough job but somebody has to do it!”

So what’s fun without the funny stuff this Easter? Van Hee describes the options in her own words: offers a huge selection of traditional Easter candy to meet the requirements of a variety of diets. Note: Individual products may not meet all needs, so we provide multiple choices.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies (and other chocolate items)

While you might be able to find a chocolate bar or chocolate chips locally that meet the requirements below, it’s hard to find Easter bunny shapes elsewhere that are:

  • Allergy friendly - WOW! 
  • Free of the top 8 allergens, including milk and soy; hard to find because dark chocolate is often cross-contaminated with milk and almost all chocolate contains soy lecithin (probably GMO soy). 
  • Vegan - WOW! 
  • Either dark chocolate or a special vegan milk chocolate made with rice and almonds for creaminess instead of dairy milk. 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Organic 
  • Fair trade 

Jelly Beans

We carry three brands, including a couple of natural Jelly Belly options, so there’s something for everyone. Available in a variety of pack sizes from mini-snack bags to bulk cases:
  • Dye-free (like everything we carry) 
  • Free of the top 8 allergens 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Organic 
  • Corn syrup free (None of the products we carry contain HFCS, but some do have regular corn syrup.) 

Natural Egg Dye and Baking Decorations

  • The Dip + Decorate Natural Coloring Kit utilizes dry vegetable powders which are dissolved in water. This handy kit makes it easy to decorate Easter eggs without exposure to yucky artificial dyes. If you've ever tried making your own natural egg dyes at home (using red onion skins, cabbage, etc.) you know how involved the process can be. The edible colors included can also be used in icings for decorating. 
  • Wide assortment of colorful baking decorations, including Sprinkles (Jimmies), Sugar Sparkles, liquid food coloring, and candies—all colored with vegetables instead of petrochemicals. Our all-natural food colorings extracted from real foods are a wonderful alternative to the artificial FD&C food dyes found on store shelves. 
  • Huge assortment of other candies to fill your Easter basket 
  • We have gummies, caramels, chocolates, chocolate candy (similar to M&Ms but without the yucky stuff), candy bars, hard candy, gum, mints, lollipops, fruit chews (like starburst), chocolate chews (like tootsie roll), taffy, cotton candy, marshmallows, and more.

Hop on it! Remember Easter is early this year, Sunday, April 5. Order by March 27 for East Coast ground delivery, later for further west.


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