PRESS RELEASE: Intuitive Home Security System Now Available at Verizon

The Canary Camera and Home Security System distinguishes between normal household routines and potential suspicious activity sending alerts to a smartphone or tablet.

GREENVILLE, S.C.— The Canary Camera and Home Security System is now available online and at Verizon Wireless stores. The security system offers plug-and-play setup and integrates wireless connectivity to deliver HD video and audio monitoring directly to a smartphone or tablet. Canary is also intuitive as it learns normal household routines and adjusts accordingly to better detect suspicious activity. The system senses when home occupants come and go, and automatically arms and disarms, adding value over traditional security systems that require a disarm code be entered.

“The Canary Camera and Home Security System delivers convenience and peace of mind at an incredible value to customers,” said Jerry Fountain, president Verizon Wireless, Carolinas/Tennessee. “Verizon’s 4G LTE network provides seamless HD video and audio streaming directly to a smartphone or tablet so a person can keep an eye and an ear on their home from nearly anywhere, whether they’re a few miles down the road or enjoying a cross-country vacation.”

If Canary detects potentially suspicious activity, it will send a wireless alert to a homeowner’s smartphone or tablet. Through the Canary app, the security system streams a live video feed from inside the home – at night, it uses night vision video – so the user can distinguish between a false alarm and an emergency. If a threat exists, the customer can sound Canary’s siren and alert police with the touch of a button. All data streamed from Canary is encrypted to ensure a secure connection.

The Canary Camera and Home Security System, which also measures home air quality, temperature and humidity, costs $250 and requires no monthly fee or contract.


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