Series of animated web videos tell story of Florida tomatoes and why they are so red, ripe and delicious.

MAITLAND, FLA (March 2015) – The Florida Tomato Committee is launching a series of engaging animated web videos that tell the story of Florida tomatoes and what makes them so good, and good for you. The six videos in the series, produced by SenaReider, will launch in March may be viewed by consumers in a variety of ways including YouTube, Florida Tomato Committee social media channels, specialty blog sites and

“For generations, Florida tomatoes have been grown, hand picked and cared for on family run farms,” says Samantha Daves, Director of Education and Promotion for the Florida Tomato Committee. “Our goal in this marketing campaign was to develop a set of videos that educate the public about how Florida tomatoes are grown and what makes them so nutritious, delicious and different from the rest. The video series and supporting digital content on the Florida tomatoes site and social media channels will demonstrate that the Florida family of tomato growers are committed to healthful and sustainable farming practices that result in the most red, ripe, nutritious and delicious tomatoes available.”

To learn more about this animated web video campaign and watch films, log onto You can also view videos here:

About the Florida Tomato Committee

The Florida Tomato Committee is a Federal Marketing Order that was established pursuant to Federal Marketing Agreement and Order No. 966 as amended regulating the handling of tomatoes and has authority over the tomatoes grown in Florida’s production area comprising the counties of Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Osceola, Brevard and all counties situated south. It affects tomatoes that are shipped outside the regulated area, which includes that portion of the state of Florida situated east of the Suwanee River and south of the Georgia border.

The Committee funds research and development projects and marketing promotions that focus on maximizing Florida tomato movement, including consumer and marketing research and customized marketing programs.

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