Healthy Snacks Meet Disney

Disclosure: I received products to use at my #DisneySide @ Home party. I have not been otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

Brother's All-Natural Fruit Crisps sent me cases of their Disney apple crisps to use with my #DisneySide party. These things are truly amazing. On first impression, the kids wanted them because they looked cool, which suited me. Then, when tasting, they really were impressed.

When it was time for the kids to have their snacks, they each grabbed a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Then, I passed out the apple crisps. Almost all of the kids (and adults) grabbed a pack. A few of the kids asked for a second cookie, but I convinced them to take the apples. These kids ate them like nobody's business. Everyone was impressed with the taste.

After talking with some of the parents, I learned how impressed they were. They were shocked at the taste, the fact that they are 100% apples, and each pack actually contains 1 1/2 apples. I, along with the other parents, was ecstatic to learn that there was no junk in them. I try to avoid all the junk in food, and it's nice when something the kids love is this way.

I found out after the party that most of the parents would be on their search for these super snacks! I, of course, sent them to their website

I had a few packs left after the #DisneySide Cars party, which was perfect since we had some guests from Virginia the following weekend. Our friend's son, J, is a year older than Tbomb, so all the kids had a blast together. When snack time came, I handed over the Brother's All-Natural Fruit Crisps to the kids (Cars to the boys, and Princess to Kodabug of course). The kids LOVED them, so of course the grown-ups had to try them too. Everyone loved them and was quite impressed with them. 

Seriously, these super snacks are now staples in our home. I even keep a pack in each of the kids backpacks so they have them while we're out or if they are at Nanny's house. If you haven't tried them yet, you should. Kodabug is 18months and they are her favorite thing in the world- especially since she can't eat fresh apples yet. 

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