Healthy Snack With CrunchPak #DisneySide

Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

When I was selected as a host of the #DisneySide @ Home party, I was so excited. Even more excited that there were so many brands out there wanting to work with this party. I was especially excited about the healthy snack options that had a Disney theme.

We love getting the "foodles" for Tbomb and Kodabug. Tbomb also gets excited about the Marvel Snackers- he has to have the Spiderman. I love the dippers and the snackers. We often get CrunchPaks for drives and picnics. We grab the family bags of apples when we are going to be rushing a lot or away from home for a few days- it makes my life easier to have it all done for me. We'll just grab a few for the kids too for snacktime. They actually had them for lunch today!
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 CrunchPak sent me some coupons to use at my party! I was so excited since my kids love these so much. I knew the kids at the party would as well. I used the "foodles" as a special treat for those kids that came early and stayed after, volunteering to help set up and clean. They enjoyed a special treat and their parents appreciated the healthy snack. A few of the parents mentioned to me that they had seen the "foodles" in the store, but had never thought about purchasing. Their mind was changed after this party. 

It amazes me how adding a character, or making the container shape fun, makes such a difference when trying to get kids to eat healthy. If they see a character they love on something, they automatically want to try it. Win!

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