Get A Grip With ErgoGrip #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

In today's world, we want our electronics lighter, smaller, larger screens, thin, sleek, slimline, and all that. While our electronics look gorgeous, sometimes those features can cause havoc on our bodies. For instance, as thin as tablets are lately, holding them can cause pain in our hands. Our hands are just not made to hold on to something that thin for that long of time. I often find myself having to stop reading because my hand gets sore. 

When the wonderful people from ErgoGrip asked me to help out with this promotion, I was ecstatic. I love reviewing gadgets, electronics, and accessories. When we add something to them that makes life a little easier, I turn into a kid in a candy shop. The ErgoGrip is no different. In fact, this thing is amazing!

The ErgoGrip ($8.99 on Amazon) is molded from high quality silicon, fits all ipads and tablets. It uses 25 suction cups to ensure stability, with these specially designed suction cups, it can remain on your device for hours with no damage. 

I have fallen in love with this product and use it quite often. I usually use it while reading, but I can also use it during investigations and events (which I use my tablet with a lot). The cases I have are bulky and tend to get in the way. However, with the ErgoGrip, I can comfortably hold my device without a bulky case getting in the way. 

ErgoGrip is giving one lucky reader of The Palmetto Queen a free ErgoGrip! To enter, just comment below on why you would like one! 

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