Device Love: MVB Disko

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

As many of you know, I am a complete tech junkie. I love trying out new things and have a whole arsenal of devices for all those crazy things I do. Part of this is because I'm a geek, while the other makes it necessary being that I'm a paranormal investigator and bigfoot researcher. It isn't very often I come across something that I have never heard of. When I got the opportunity to review the MVB Disko, I was ecstatic, because I'd never heard of this device.

This is an awesome little device. It features a digital voice recorder and mp3 player, it even comes with great earbuds. However, that is where the mundane starts. The features that make this device unique is what gets me excited. The MVB Disko (Amazon) allows you to copy and transfer files without a computer. This means that if you're on an investigation, you can copy a certain file to someone else without handing over your recorder. Cool, huh? It has 4GB of memory and has a micro SD slot. Even better- it doesn't take batteries. You charge it with a USB port. It is also compact and very light weight, but sturdy.

I like having this as a backup recorder to my usual one, but I love being able to transfer files without having to lug my laptop on every investigation. It is also a good way to get sound files to a whole team. Just copy them to the Disko and then onto eveyone's thumb drives. It is also great for backing up audio files.

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