Confessions Of A Prodigal Son: A Modern Retelling

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are my own. 

The increase of Christian films being released lately is like a song to my heart. I have always loved them- from Veggie Tales, to the 1990s version of Left Behind. They speak to my heart and it is a good feeling that by putting it in film version, there might be people that hear the word that otherwise may not. 

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Confessions Of A Prodigal Son is no different. I love the modern retelling of a classic Bible Story. It speaks volumes about The Bible, when the stories can still relate to what is going on in our lives today. Whether for a moment, or years, everyone has been in the position of the prodigal son, which is what makes it so relate-able. 

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Starring big names, such as Kevin Sorbo and Michael Bolton, Confessions Of The Prodigal Son is a classic coming-of-age story. Sean decides he is going to take part of his college fund into his own hands and goes about learning about life and the world, all the while ignoring the rules and expectations he was taught growing up. He was taught these things by his father, who is also his pastor. After meeting a beautiful girl, Sean is forced to rethink the things he thinks he knows. All this goes on while he lives a life full of partying and promiscuity. Sean finally begins to figure out that the choices we make determine the kind of story our life is going to tell. 

Join Sean on his journey with drama, laughter, relationships, faith, and redemption. Find out if "broken stories can have a happy ending." This is a wonderful movie, and I hope that you each take the time to see the preview and watch the full movie once it is available. After you watch, I encourage you to pass it along to someone who needs to hear the word- let's start a movement. (Remember The Shack- let's get this going the same way!)

Confessions of a Prodigal Son will be for sale on their site and in stores starting March 24th. You can see the preview at, right on the homepage. 

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