Book Review: The No More Excuses Diet

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own. 

I have written before about my weight loss struggles. This is still a struggle, but I have found a friend in the diet world. Maria King, author of The No More Excuses Diet, is just like the rest of us, and has struggled with her weight. Maria is a busy mom of three boys (props to her) and founder of The No Excuse Mom movement.

She struggled with her weight through her twenties, was a personal trainer in college, and an avid fad/ yo-yo dieter. Eventually she found out why she kept failing at keeping the weight off. She figured out that excuses rule us and she set out to change that. Maria shows us with the power of 3s how to rid ourselves of excuses and finally keep ourselves going until we reach our goal, and even after.

I think Maria has made an art of combining short term goals with healthy habit-forming behaviors, creating permanent lifestyle changes. She has designed a transformation calendar to help you set clear personal goals. She even outlines a diet plan and percentages for carbs, protein, fats, and even a flexible portion. This plan can be personalized according to your specific goals. There is even a completely customizable workout plan, complete with illustrations. These workouts are designed to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and shed fat. There are 7 weeks worth of these exercises that you can do at home, with no equipment.

Packed with meal plans, grocery lists, lots of encouragement and a clear plan of action,The No More Excuses Diet is a must-read book for anyone who is ready to bust through the excuses the hold them back and take their health and fitness to the next level.

The No More Excuses Diet is my new best friend. I am currently working on my plan and I'm so excited to move on with this and start the next chapter of my life.

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