Weighted Sash: Great For SPD Kiddos #funandunction

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

When I was in college, I worked at a daycare. Here, I worked closely with a little boy who has SPD (sensory processing disorder). This condition wreaks havoc on little ones. Their senses basically are either on overdrive or under responsive. This can cause problems with so many things, including focus, eating, and even emotional states.

When Tbomb was about 2, I started noticing some SPD tendencies. While we are not actively seeking a diagnosis, since we homeschool, we have started trying different tools and coping techniques to help him. For instance, headphones, a tent in his bed, gum, and even a heavy quilt have helped his behavior and helped him sleep tremendously.

Since then, I have connected with some other parents of SPD. Because Tbomb isn't old enough for these weighted sashes, I have gifted the one I received to a little boy that really needed one.

I was truly amazed by the features of this sash ($24.49). Since receiving, Fun and Function has become one of my favorite resources.


  • The sash comes with 3 lbs of weight to provide sensory input
  • Being a sash, it can be worn in different ways to provide the correct support. Can even be laid across the legs for a weighted blanket effect. 
  • Easy to wear over a shirt or sweater
  • The reflective striping allows it to double as a safety garment
  • Can be doubled (criss-crossed) when a therapist recommends more weight. 
  • The zipper pockets allow for easy adding and removal of weight. 
  • The pockets also provide storage for fidget toys or other coping mechanisms. 

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