Universal Phone Mount for Cars

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

While we shouldn't text while driving, there are other reasons we need our phones to be handy while we drive. We want to listen to music, see directions, take phone calls (using hands free of course) and maybe even entertain the kids. However, it isn't so simple to keep our phones handy while driving. That is where the Universal CD Slot Mount for Smart Phones comes in.

This holder is very easy to install and holds up very well.


  • The back of the holder slips into your car's CD player. 
  • Locks into place with a crew and pressure mount
  • The cradle has a slow release for your phone. With one touch of a button, your phone is free within seconds. 
  • Cushion base and side padding to help protect your phone
  • The holder is adjustable, allowing it to hold virtually any smart phone.
  • Highly durable plastic
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment allows viewing from any angle. It has multi-positioning locking as well. 

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