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Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

Mason Jars CompanyI'm sure you could never guess from the design of this blog, but I have a special love for Mason Jars. They are another staple from years ago that are still relevant, and front porch sitting would just never be the same without them. Growing up, my mom had a set with handles that we had our tea with dinner in.

ReCAP has a whole line of products that take the functionality of mason jars to a whole new level, including pumps, sprayers, and my favorite, the Pour Cap. This lid is very versatile.

P-W-SLVR1You can use it for yarn, salad dressings, as a drink mixer, and so many other things. I use mine for a kind of boring purpose. I use it on a mason jar for my morning shake. I have a shaker bottle, but it isn't quite the same. I also use it when I take a cold coffee out for errands. We have also used it to take tea on a picnic in.

To me, there is nothing like drinking from a mason jar, but the reCap makes it easier to do in my busy life. I get to daily go back to the days of sitting with my granny on her front porch drinking some tea and gossiping about the neighbors and listening of stories of when her and my grandaddy's love was new. She has been gone several years now, but the memories are like yesterday. In fact, I wish they had these when she was alive because her cup had to be covered at all times- so she would sit there and unscrew the lid every times she wanted a drink, or use a Hardees coffee lid on top.

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