Press Pouch Plus 10 Uses for Reusable Food Pouches

Disclaimer: I have received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I know I have been singing the praises of reusable food pouches since Kodabug started eating solids. We have used them at home, on vacation, at the park, and in the car. I keep two in the diaper bag for when we grab snacks, shakes, and more on the go. I've even used them for drinks for the Tbomb in a pinch (enter- forgot cup!).

These Press Pouches have been the best by far. This is the only pouch we have used that has not busted at all. The others have busted after many uses or with the kids playing with them. Press Pouch reusable pouches are sturdy- they hold up to a 4 year old boy! Plus, they are beautiful!

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Besides the beautiful design, I love the window (I hate when I can't forget what I packed for each kid). The layout of the bag is great- with the nozzle being on top, it is easier for Kodabug to hold. The wide mouth at the bottom makes filling easy. The nozzle is also compatible with most spoon attachments (we love ours). 

Their website even offers recipes for "freshly pressed" food. (psst. Their site is even beautiful). I am totally in love with these pouches and cannot wait to get my hands on more. With that said, I have something special for you. 

10 Uses for Reusable Food Pouches

  1. Eating lunch and snacks on the go (I know, pretty obvious). 
  2. Keep in the diaper bag for quick healthy snacks (we can grab apple sauce/ yogurt/ smoothies on the go now)
  3. As a impromptu water bottle
  4. Store bubbles. We actually keep one extra in the activity pouch in the diaper bag for this purpose. I put a little dish detergent in it, then if we are at the park, I can just add water and the kids have bubbles (don't forget a wand). This way, I also have dish detergent on the go if I need it (it has happened). 
  5. Use for shampoo/ conditioner while traveling
  6. Put laundry detergent in them when camping for washing out swimsuits. 
  7. Are you dieting? This is great for portion control on the go- put your snacks in it too ( I have a confession- I've used it to eat yogurt while driving)
  8. Condiments while camping or for a picnic- why buy small sizes, when you can fill these without buying extra. 
  9. Do you buy sunscreen and other must-haves in bulk? Use these pouches to keep enough for several uses in the bag, or at home or easy dispensing. 
  10. Use them like zip bags. I put the kids cereal in them for vacation/ camping and other dry food like snack mixes, veggie straws, and dried fruit. While we don't use the nozzle when doing this, they are much sturdier than traditional zip bags. 

Tip: I have color coded stickers on all of our food pouches so that I can easily tell which pouch belongs to which kid on the go. In our house water bottles, food pouches, and travel bowls are color coded. This also keeps Mr Tbomb from wanting his sister's food. 

What do you use your food pouches for? 

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