Party Like A Squatch: Birthday Party Highlights

I'm a bit behind, but I'm finally getting around to posting about Tbomb's and Kodabug's birthday party. It was awesome! Tbomb turned 4, and per his request we had a bigfoot themed party "Party Like A Squatch." The main focus was camo and a 7 foot tall (to scale) Bigfoot. It was actually the same size as "Patty" from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

Because it was also Kodabug's first birthday, we mixed in some pink camo for good measure. It turned out amazing!

Look at all those homemade cakes and cupcakes. Yep, those are cream cheese packages waiting to be made into icing... That was a lot of baking

This is how their cakes turned out. Kodabug's was strawberry and Tbomb's was died green. Not bad for my first try at decorating. However, the peanut butter trim icing didn't stay too well. But, we have to start somewhere. 

Since we were all running around like mad the morning of the party, Nina and Papa surprised Tbomb with a gift to keep him occupied. 

These are the goodie bags and baby Squatch- it's a monkey with the tail cut off and banana removed. I thought making this sign would be a great addition to the party decor. 

Kodabug's high chair decor turned out great and it can even be used as a tutu!

I have to say, the matching bow turned out great too!

Before the party guests arrived. We had the opportunity to mix his birthday with the Leapband/ Zbar party too!

Check out this bigfoot their papa made just for the party. Isn't it awesome?! It's now hanging in Tbomb's room!

Cliff Barackman of Finding bigfoot even sent him a birthday card! I put it in an old DVD case to protect it!

Kodabug enjoying her loot

Her first cake--- "all mine!"

Passed out after the party

Tbomb enjoying his other present from Nina and Pap- yes I insisted on headphones!

For the next milestone event in the family, I am sending out fancy invitations. I love handwritten calligraphy invitations because they have a vintage feeling. Plus, they will be something special to save and remember the occasion for years to come.

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