Organize That Stroller: ZenKid

Disclaimer: I have received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I use the stroller now with two kids much more than I ever did with just Tbomb in tow. I can make him hold on to the stroller and have my hands free to handle paperwork, payments, or anything else that the world throws my way. Unless I'm grocery shopping, the stroller is with me. In the doctor's office, strolling around, on vacation- every where. I usually use the big Graco stroller, but sometimes use our umbrella stroller, depending on what we are doing. The only problem that I have with using it so much is keeping what I need handy while keeping my hands as free as possible. Enter- ZenKid's stroller organizer. This thing is amazing and will be used as long as we use the stroller.

This organizer is very spacious- enough room for my essentials. The extra large cup holders allow me to keep a cup for each kid, and I can fit one for me in as well, but I usually don't because our stroller has cup holders. There is another section in the middle that is perfect for a wallet, keys, and even a couple toys. The front pocket is perfect for diapers and wipes, and the mesh on the front fits most cell phones. The top has a flap that helps secure wallets, etc. It also has a mesh zipper pocket for cash and keys.

This organizer is made of quality fabric, velcro, and amazing construction. It really is built to last. I also found that it is easy to clean, in case of spills. Zenkid also offers a 100% money back guarantee.

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